UAE to show world efficient tech face: DIC chief – Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman

Dr Omar Bin SulaimanCLOSELY acquainted with the rise of dot.coms industry in the mid-nineties and its fall about five years later, Dr Omar Sulaiman has accumulated significant knowledge and international exposure. Sulaiman, who was recently appointed CEO of Dubai Internet City, did his graduation in Industrial Engineering from Miami University, and earned Master’s degrees in Science in Education and Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South California (USC) and a Doctorate in Leadership and Strategic management. He worked in the US for long years and had been involved in the establishment of a number of companies there before returning home.

“I learned so much during the years I spent in the US where I was a witness to the rise of dot.coms and the crash of their market,” Sulaiman said. “I enjoyed working for some firms in the US to gain western experience, and I have also established strong con­tact with some US businessmen,” he said.

Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman

“My presence in the US and Canada helped me promote the UAE and Dubai in particular among people there,” Omar said. He also worked for the Dubai Tourism Department in Los An­gles to market Dubai as a travel destination and particularly the free trade zones among US businessmen.

He said the failure was mainly due to the improper management of these companies, with the owners and investors deciding to manage the business and perform the technical role. Bad management and wrong people in the wrong place were behind the crash.

Omar said the huge capital invested during the nineties were all gone in no time. “It is always good that you do what you know better”.

He said that it was just coincidence that he joined DIC. “It is amazing what we can see here in Dubai; the Government has laid the groundwork for citizens and others in the country to benefit in various ways,” he said.

He said DIC is a genuine part of the broad e-vision for Dubai and the UAE as a whole to show the world the efficient face technology can provide. “If the vision is clear and if the human resources are capable with some financial support, things can easily be done and this is what Dubai Government has realized before the others,” he said.

“It is amazing that some of our people working in the US and other western countries have proved their mettle when they are provided with the right tools to bring out their best,” he said. He said the government wants to see the young generation initiate the momentum and lead the economy. “I firmly believe Arabs in general are quite capable if they are given the chance; they are committed and dedicated and they can produce results,” he said.

Few believed that Dubai could in less than 24 months create such a huge IT cluster, he pointed out.

“The team that worked for the creation of the Internet and Media City should be saluted, they are the team that has turned dreams into reality,” he said.

“My role is to carry forward and continue building of what Gergawi, Ahmed bin Bayat and Al Muntafiq have established,” he said.

“We have to try our best and prove we can sustain the great job done by our predecessors, some of whom are still in the team. I’m very much aware of the fact that we have been given a great role and we shall not hesitate to do our best,” he said.

He said DIC is planning a wide scale training programmes for the UAE graduates in partnership with the Media City.